56 Vie for Hubeny's Position

ATL. HIGHLANDS – With tomorrow (Aug. 13) the deadline for applying for the position of borough administrator in this borough, retiring administrator Adam Hubeny reported to the governing body this evening that there are 56 applicants for the position.

The administrator explained that the vast majority of candidates have few qualifications for the position, but many apply for numerous jobs outside of their own capabilities on many of the sites on which he has posted the opening throughout the state.

The administrator did say he feels there are at least 15 highly qualified persons who have made application and have “very strong” credentials for the position.

Hubeny is meeting with the personnel committee Monday so that committee can review the entire list and perhaps reduce the possible applicants to a lesser number, perhaps about a dozen applicants. The committee, comprised of Mayor Loretta Gluckstein, and councilmembers Lori Hohenleitner and Steve Borrichia could then review and get more information on each of those candidates and break the list down to perhaps five or six. The personnel committee could then interview that group and narrow the list down to perhaps three or four that the governing body would interview. Following this process, Hubeny estimated the final decision on a new administrator could be made by the last meeting of September.

Also at tonight’s meeting Council unanimously approved an ordinance which amends the current ordinance that requires the administrator to live in the borough. Under the new ordinance, there is no residential requirement for a borough administrator.

During the public hearing on the residency requirements ordinance, both Zack Brown and Morgan Spicer opposed the new code, with Brown suggesting the governing body consider amending the ordinance to give a newly appointed administrator a longer time period, perhaps a year, to establish residency in the borough. Both Borracha and Hohenleitner responded to Brown and Spicer, with Borracha indicating possibly a resident could be given a strong preference as one of his qualifications, and Hohenleitner requiring residency limits the pool of candidates for the borough is not in the best interests of the community.

Ironically, of the 56 applicants who have applied for the position, only one is a borough resident, Hubeny reported.


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