This makes me wonder! After decades, make that scores of years of covering board of education meetings, council meetings, zoning and planning board meetings, and so many other meetings where decisions are made for the good of the public, I do wonder about a lot of things. Primarily, I wonder about the things that aren’t talked about. I wonder why some elected officials prefer to chat with other officials, or with businesses in their towns, on their own e-mails, rather than the official borough e-mail. I wonder why residents can’t always get answers to questions without having to file an OPRA to get what should be….and used to be….a simple response. I wonder why some government leaders are called into private meetings with business

people, yet others are not. I wonder why ordinances are introduced one year, only to be changed a year or two later. Don’t elected officials know all these things cost money? I’m not only talking about advertising costs, but attorney fees, administrative time, so many things. I wonder why appointments on commissions and committees are left vacant rather than being filled so there’s always assurance a quorum will be present for every meeting. Indeed, many things make me wonder. That’s what made me a reporter all those years ago. And what keeps me asking questions today.