A Loss to Family, Friends & the Entire Town

A legend in his own time, Bernie Sweeney, died this morning at home, surrounded with the love of his family.

The family will have his formal obituary in the papers before the funeral mass at St. Agnes on Wednesday, but long before then, everyone will have a favorite Bernie story to tell. There isn’t a police department, fire department, first aid squad, person in need or even politician who won’t be able to talk enough about the measure of Bernie’s generosity, his kindness to everyone or that outward brusque appearance that could be a bit intimidating those who did not know the size of that great big generous heart.

My prayers and sympathy to the family, and my belief that already Bernie’s arranging for a big buffet in heaven and telling God, “don’t worry about, I’ll take care of it. I’ll make it nice. You’ll like it, you’ll see.”

It was years ago when Kathleen was honored in their beloved Jersey City as Irishwoman of the Year, and this portrait was presented of Bernie and Kathleen in celebration of that event.


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