A Poor Connection, a Sad Goodbye, & Putting the Screws to a Higher Power

It was truly very sad and disheartening that all the local residents, friends, neighbors, relatives and people who have always heard about excellence in administrator Adam Hubeny could not participate in the Atlantic Highlands Administrator’s final borough council meeting in Atlantic Highlands on Zoom Tuesday night.

He noted he’s been there for 580 of them, and I’m sure that’s a conservative count.

Not only has the borough not yet provided access for people with disabilities to participate in its meetings, but its zoom equipment for even listening to meetings faded in an out, so it wasn’t possible to even see and hear the entire meeting. Fascinating at the end though, when they all left the meeting to see the borough’s gift for Adam outdoors, but failed to turn off the video. And didn’t know they didn’t turn it off! Nor did those who stayed inside and chatted know it was still on until their shocking discovery!

Adam was as gracious in his departure as he has always been in his everyday work. He included so many people over so many years in his thanks for what each has done for him, going back to Pete Donoghue who was Mayor when Adam became administrator, and Kim Spatola who he said got him involved in it all. He and Mayor Gluckstein in her resolution naming today Adam Hubeny Day traced his decades of service to his communities from the time he was a Marlboro police officer, a Colts Neck Police officer, a Monmouth County prosecutor’s office detective, an Atlantic Highlands police officer, and 16 years as the borough’s longest serving administrator. (Adam even cited J. Leonard Clark, the prior administrator who had served 15 years.)

The Mayor lauded him for his time as Atlantic Highlands fire chief and his continuing role as an active fireman. Would have loved to have heard Bob Dougherty’s highly fascinating story about one of the times, one of many times, that Adam saved the borough and its residents from disasters or lack of water or exorbitant charges. But again, couldn’t hear it on the connection.

Adam said he has truly enjoyed his 16 years and did not have to say it at all, since everyone knows he was fair to all, never did anything for either personal agenda or gain, simply followed the rules, researched everything, and always made the right moves.

They simply don’t come any finer than Adam Hubeny and I don’t know how long it will take for everyone to realize everything he has done for the borough. Mayor Gluckstein was right again when she said he was the fabric of the town..”you always made Atlantic Highlands look good!” Nice at least to hear snippets from Jim Krauss, Lou Fligor and Kim Spatola about Adam, with Jim hitting the nail on the head when he said in 40 years of executive experience, he never met anyone of Adam’s excellence.

Also fascinating to hear the news the tax assessor is recommending Mother Theresa be placed back on the tax roles because school classes haven’t been held there in many years. Sounds like a ploy to help negotiations between the church and the borough for the borough’s purchase of the property. Might it be there’s a higher offer in the wings? Or doesn’t anyone at borough hall know the school is used for CCD classes as well as other meetings and events?


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