Afghanistan, Jefferson & The Supremes

If you don’t want to read opinions on political issues, stop reading the next section. But I do wonder about the idea of withdrawing all of our troops from Afghanistan on the 20th anniversary of the Bombing of the World Trade Center. Does that mean we are now going to be celebrating the end of a war and forgetting about all the people who perished in that bombing? Are we going to have bands playing and grand speeches on Mount Mitchill rather than solemn reminders of all our local residents who personally felt the agony of so many deaths? Are we going to be celebrating we are giving the enemy the country and forgetting all our military who have fought and died for freedom for the people? It makes me wonder. And while I’m on national issues, Mr. Jefferson’s 278th birthday was the same day I heard about the possibility of increasing the Supreme Court. When FDR’s attempt to increase the number of Supreme Court Justices was revisited while the current President was in the Senate, he called it a ‘bonehead idea.” I certainly hope that isn’t why he is in support of that same idea now. Granted, while since 1789, we’ve gone from five to 10 Justices before we settled on nine right after the Civil War, it’s been working for more than 100 years just fine and other stipulations have been put into place just so the Supreme Court could and would remain non-political. As it must! I wonder about the changes being suggested, but I can’t help wonder what poor Mr. Jefferson and the other Founding Fathers must be thinking.

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