Answer Me This! Atlantic Highlands Candidates

Voters in Atlantic Highlands are truly fortunate people ... Mark Fisher, a resident who attends as many municipal meetings of every kind as much as he can and also chairs the Parking Committee, never seems to express an opinion. Rather, he asks an awful lot of questions, then forms a much wiser opinion armed with all the knowledge he gets from all of the people involved.

Mr. Fisher compiled six pages of questions he gave simultaneously to each of the six candidates for Atlantic Highlands Council.

He told them he was going to make all their answers known and even gave them all the deadline to ensure everything was equal and all were being treated the same.

Once he got all those responses, he simply used their own words and compiled all the answers so the readers could see each question, then immediately see the answers from each of the candidates side by side in a very comprehensive Power Point.

To me, it looked like an incredible amount of work and time, and a most generous gift to give to Atlantic Highlands voters. I would encourage you to scan through this, then save it for future reference. Form your own opinions, ask more questions, attend any debates, and show how proud you are of your community by becoming that wise voter who determines the future.

Mr. Fisher sent the questions on Aug 24, explained there were questions on various issues council members will most likely be facing next year, and asked each to respond by a specific deadline. All did. Even more interesting, he listed 15 discussion subjects and asked each candidate to rank them how each felt was important to him/her. He didn't change a word, just compiled all the info. The order of importance is at the end of all the questions.

Other communities should appreciate Mr. Fisher's wisdom and time, and set up a similar program so voters in all towns could vote with as many facts and as much information as possible.

Click below and see the power point presentation

Download PPTX • 539KB


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