Assemblywoman DiMaso, Travel during Covid, East Point Fitness

You gotta love Assemblywoman DiMaso. She's a strong advocate of keeping our personal lives personal. While vaccines are most likely the right way to go...I say most likely because we don't know the impact they could have on us after they've been tested a few years... but she's a stronger advocate of the government not dictating everything we do on an everyday basis. So having to carry a card to prove we've done the deal when we're sitting next to our friends at a baseball game or buying a hot dog in a small restaurant is a little much. Small businesses have had it tough enough during the pandemic, and they've been wise, learned a lot...lost a lot as well....and don't need yet another mandate to check on people before they can spend money. Read my story in my trains and planes column to see how much more difficult it is already in order to travel. We should have such stringent regulations at the southern border. On a cheerier note, I love East Point Fitness on Route 36 on the Highlands line with Middletown, and love all the people who go there. Nice to see so many taking great (and fun) steps to stay healthy. But I laugh everytime I pull into the parking lot because all of the spots closest to the fit ness center are filled with all the people going inside the fitness center to get their exercise. COuldn't it start in the parking lot by parking at the far end or at least on the other side? Ane back to that new bakery on West Avenue in Atlantic Highlands...that is only open weekends for now but will open more days soon...take the time while you're in that parking lot to see the other great businesses there. Woodhaven Florist maks you smile just to see all their beautiful plants outside, and their shelves of books ready for the borrowing. There's a hair cutter in there as well, and a dog groomer. It's my bet this little mall is going to grow and become more popular...there's still one empty store for rent.


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