Assemblywoman Serena DiMaso & the June primary

HOLMDEL – Within hours of Assemblywoman Serena DiMaso announcing she will seek another term as the legislator for the 13 district of Monmouth County, dozens of supporters signed and sent in the electronic signatures that will put her on the ballot in the June Primary. DiMaso’s bid for the nomination of the Republican party at the nominating convention Thursday night, was unsuccessful, with it going to incumbent Assemblyman Gerry Scharfenberger and newcomer Vicky Flynn, who had the support and endorsement of GOP Chairman Shaun Golden. That left her with the option of not seeking another term or mounting a contest against party leaders and appearing on the June Republican primary ballot on a line separate from the Monmouth County Republican party. If successful in June, DiMaso will be on the Republican party line for the November election along with whichever one of the other two Assembly candidates also wins the June primary. Voters in the 13th District can elect two Assembly members, a State Senator and a Governor in the November election. “This seat belongs to the people, not party bosses,” DiMaso said after releasing information and ballots for Republicans to vote for her electronically. “My charge as an Assemblywoman is to represent and help the people of the 13th district,” she said, “ I work as hard as I can as a full time legislator, simply because I dedicated myself to doing the best job I could do for the people I represent.” Citing the numerous issues during the on-line county GOP convention, from the late start because of difficulty in each of the committee people being able to access the site, to some committee members failing to get the ballot which were supposed to be emailed during the meeting while they were on the Zoom connection, some supporters questioned the vote count. DiMaso said she asked for private voting to be certain committee members had every opportunity to express themselves as they wish. “There were significant flaws and irregularities in the way this election was conducted,” she said, but declined to say whether she will see legal action against Party Chairman Shaun Golden. DiMaso has the support of many GOP leaders, including former Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno who lives in the 13th district and longtime Monmouth County Commissioner Lillian Burry as well as committee chairman and mayors in most of the municipalities she represents along the Bayshore and Two Rivers and Holmdel Mayor Greg Buontempo. Flynn lost to Buontempo last year when she ran unsuccessfully as the Republican endorsed candidate for Township Committee in her hometown. Persons wishing to sign the petition to ensure DiMaso is on the ballot in the June primary can either sign electronically at or they can email Assemblywoman DiMaso at and someone will bring you a hard copy to sign. All signatures must be completed by April 1.


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