Bakery & The Girls Cafe

I haven’t written about many things that make me happy recently, primarily because I was hoping some of you readers would write things that make you happy and we could share them. But the truth is, there is no limit on the things that make me happy, some for a second, some for many minutes, some for the entire day. But every little thing that makes you happy is something to be thankful for. Saturday I went to the new bakery on West Avenue in Atlantic Highlands simply because I learned firsthand the week before that their croissants are the best I’ve ever tasted. So I was all set for another one Saturday and my taste buds were jumping up and down with joy. Then I got there and found the shop was closed with a very polite apology on the door and the assurance it would be open Sunday. I saw two cars leaving just as I pulled in and another gentleman was coming up to the door as I was leaving., So I broke the sad news to him as well, we shared some comments on what a great addition this it to Atlantic Highlands and both promised we’d be back the next day. So I had no choice, of course, and returned this morning. That’s when I met Valerie, the charming and friendly owner who is also a fantastic baker. I learned she had to close because she was taking her daughter to look at a prospective college for next year and had to take the time off to go to Georgia. I told her I admired her priorities, but when I told her I didn’t see any croissants in the case, she said not to worry, she had them. But then she added, “and if I didn’t, I would bake you some!” Does that ever make you happy? Valerie lives in Middletown and already is in love with Atlantic Highlands. Not only are the people so polite and friendly she said, but she added “I love when they come in here and know each other and greet each other right in my bakery!” So just look at how many other people are happy! Sometimes I think we all have little things that make us happy, and some more little things that could make us happy if we just took the time to stop and think about it. Try it! Bet you’ll find at least three things that made you happy today! Share some of them if you’d like, and make other people feel happy. It’s contagious! Then at the Girls Café in Highlands…a place that always makes me happy…. That hard working and very ambitious Mike has already put out some spectacular flowers in stands around the outdoor dining area…makes you happy just to think the tables are there, the sun is shining, and the days are warming up. According to what I hear, Mike is promising “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” because there are a few more special touches he wants to add to the decor. So keep you eye on the Girl’s Café…actually, try Vera’s oatmeal and ask her to add the cranberries and walnuts…a very pretty place with a personality all its own might be getting even prettier this season!

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