Better Safe than Sorry

When you’re a family like the Hartsgroves who have pretty much weathered every storm that has ever hit Highlands, you’re wise, prudent, and while you might not trust all the weather reports, you know enough to take precautions.

That’s what Vera Rotsma and Cathy Hartsgrove are doing tomorrow, Sunday, at The Girls Café, in the face of Henri, the bold Frenchman storm that might descend with force on the Bayshore Sunday morning. So this afternoon, Vera and Cathy are packing up all their outdoor furniture, umbrellas, and gorgeous plants and plant hangings just as a precaution in case there is high water Sunday morning. With a full moon, and full tide expected in Highlands sometime around 6 in the morning, the girls are promising to be there to prepare all those delicious breakfasts and lunches for take-out orders at the counter but there will be no inside or outside dining Sunday. The Girls Café is closed Mondays and Tuesdays regularly, so simply taking down all the umbrellas in the face of what could be a serious storm just seems like the logical thing to do. Might be a good idea to stop and get some of those great sandwiches for dinner in case power goes out later in the day. If the storm stays offshore, with high winds, it will also be difficult for the high tide to go back out later in the morning.

The Hartsgroves aren’t a family that is afraid of any storm. But they are respectful of it, and having generations of them living in Highlands, that respect for weather has been handed down and diligently followed. Makes sense. It will be interesting to see all over town, since this is the first big storm that’s predicted to come any where near close to Highlands after so many houses were built or raised so far off the ground in the wake of devastating Sandy.

Cheers to Mayor Broullon who already has had warnings and helpful tips on Facebook for all to follow.


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