Blueberry Frozen Yogurt

If there is any benefit, at least for me, in having Aging Macular Degeneration, the most common cause of blindness in people over 65, it is the mandate to change a diet and look for new and different ways to prepare fruits and vegetables to keep them the most important part of your diet. The AMD Foundation’s Eat Right for Your Sight recipe book is full of terrific ideas for entrees, side dishes, soups and desserts as well as salads and healthy drinks. The book is available from the Foundation at Here’s a great recipe for Blueberry Frozen Yogurt full of those little blue marvels that are themselves filled with Vitamin C, fiber, manganese, and antioxidants that are all needed for healthy macula. Besides all that, it just tastes terrific. 3 Cups fresh blueberries 2 Cups plain Yogurt (Vanilla yogurt is even better) ½ Cup sugar ¼ t. vanilla Put them all together in a processor until smooth. Pour into 9X13 tray and freeze, stirring every hour about four hours, til it’s semi-firm in the middle. Pour it all in the processor again until smooth again. Serve and Enjoy.


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