I readily admit I’m an old-time journalist who believes in covering a story and covering a story with equality and fairness. I’ve won awards for doing just that from the time Marion Dunlevy was accused of being a common scold in Middletown. But the time, space and editorial comment surrounding the three-month-old summons issued to a former Freehold resident who went on to become rich and famous for some of the songs he’s written and sung about his hometown and county are ridiculous. But one writer went over the edge in my opinion, in opining the park ranger simply recognized the aging singer and gave him a summons to bring attention to Sandy Hook! What an insult to our park rangers, what a leap of egoism to immediately presume a young ranger…and I don’t know whether he is young or older…. would recognize someone who was once more famous for his voice than he is for a Jeep commercial or political opinion. If I were to wonder about anything in this incident, it would be whether, if indeed the ranger saw alcohol being transferred, the person handing over the alcohol was also summoned. There are laws against alcohol on federal property. I would wonder whether that person was tested for alcohol as well. I would wonder whether the charged driver was then allowed to get back on his bike and drive off the Hook. I would wonder, if it mattered that much to me. I’m more impressed with how clean, protected, and beautiful Sandy Hook is kept and how courteous the rangers always are.