Candidates Certified

HIGHLANDS - Borough clerk Michelle Hutchinson has certified all six candidates, running for the two three year terms on the Borough Council in the November election.

Running under the slogan Residents First are former Mayor Richard W. O’Neil and Michael J. Warren, both of whom live on Route 36; running under the slogan “All Hands on Deck for Highlands are Melissa Cavaluzzi, Ocean Avenue and Melanie Henley-Heyn, S. Linden Avenue, and running under the slogan Right Time, Right Choice, are Leo Cervantes, Ocean Avenue and Karen Chelak, Washington Ave.

Certification of the candidates verifies each has met the requirements to run for office, namely have been a resident of the borough since at least last November, and is a registered voter. It also verifies that the petitions and persons signing petitions for the election are also all in keeping with state law.

By Sept. 7, each of the candidates will be notified by registered mail of the date, time and place for drawing for their positions on the ballot, a date selected by the clerk’s office. The clerk has set the date for Sept. 10 at 10 a.m. for the drawing.

State law is also very specific on how names or groups are placed on the ballot and all candidates have the right to be present for the drawing.

On Sept. 10,at the place she selects, in keeping with those laws, the clerk will draw lots to determine the order in which the names of the candidates or groups of candidates shall appear upon the ballots, with the name of the person or group first drawn occupying first place on the ballot or voting machine, and continuing in that order. In order to conduct the drawing, state law specifies the clerk must use paper cards with the name of each candidate or group of candidates written thereon and placed in a covered box with an opening on top large enough to allow the cards to be withdrawn. The clerk, in the presence of any or all candidates shall draw each card without knowledge which card she is drawing. Each candidate or his representative retains the right to examine the cards prior to their being placed in the covered box.

The deadline for persons to register to vote in the November election is Oct. 12 for the Nov. 2 election


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