Captain's Cove court action off until March

HIGHLANDS – Charges lodged by the borough’s code enforcement officer against two separate companies involved with Captain’s Cove Marina were postponed in municipal court Tuesday, after Judge Thomas Smith III set a new hearing date for March 17. On the calendar Tuesday were two charges against Excalibur Group for failing to obtain a street opening permit. That firm is represented by attorney Robert Stanicki, of MacKevich, Burke & Stanicki law firm in Clark. Three complaints were issued to Captain’s Cove Marina, represented by Brian Nelson and Michael Collins of Archer Law, Red Bank. These complains include one for illegal dumping, one for failing to acquire a permit to move or allow soil to be moved, and one for failing to obtain a sign permit. The spoils were dumped on an unused borough right-of-way adjacent to residential housing on Huddy Avenue. Also discussed in court Tuesday were four complaints issued to Turnkey Resources LLC for conditions at a vacant lot where a sandy damaged and dilapidated structure at 44 Fourth St had been demolished and debris was left on the site, including an unregistered trailer with a boat attached and overgrown weeds Jason Pressman of the MacKevich, Burke & Stanicki firm is representing Turnkey . All three companies list James E. MacKevich, as the “Agent/Service of Process” contact. The three companies, along with 14 more, are all owned by Jeoffrey Pierini who owns Captain’s Cove Marina. MacKevich is also listed as the CEO, member, managing member or Secretary of each of the companies. All of the complaints signed by Brunt are made out to the individual companies as opposed to individuals of the businesses.


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