Catching the perfect wave

You know you are going to hear about all my grandchildren so long as you keep reading Veni, Vidi, Scripto, and how proud I am of each, but it's true, Angus is rather extraordinary! Tracie and Chris'ss on, and the youngest of my nine grandchildren, he's following in their footsteps and is currently in ROTC at the University fo South Carolina...yep, he's a Gamecock, like many other New Jerseyans.... But he's also a surfer, and while it's a sport I always felt was more for the long-haired, self-centered young adult, Angus has truly taught me you can be a Gamecock honor student and a Naval collegian, while at the same time relax and take care of yourself mentally and physically with the art and science of surfing. So when it came time for him to make a presentation for his philosophy class, I really wasn't surprised when he chose to highlight all the benefits of surfing. It's without his permission, but here is his presentation, and hopefully, others can learn as I have how great surfing is for any number of reasons.


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