Coming "Home" Again

MIDDLETOWN – “I’m thrilled to be coming back, it’s almost like coming home,” said Andrew Kahane, who recently was named administrator for the second time of the Care One at King James Care Center facility on Route 36. The sign on his desk tells the story as well: “Living the Dream.” Kahane is replacing Meagan Yorks, who has been administrator here since January 2020. Meagan has moved to another Care One facility but will always have King James close to her heart. Kahane is returning to this area after serving as Administrator since 2020 at CareOne at East Brunswick, and said he was happy to greet so many residents and employees upon his return who were here during his first administrative appointment at this facility. “It really is like coming home,” he said, “ here they always seem like one family, and both residents and employees are proud of that.” A native of Bergen County, Kahane began his career in care centers after earning a degree in communications from William Patterson College and working in a family printing business in Newark, Delaware. He began his care in Environmental Services supervision, working his way to Assistant Administrator in a skilled nursing facility and earning his Licensed Nursing Home Administrator License several years ago. Coming back to Care One here is particularly great, he said, since Yorks was an outstanding administrator, and handled the new parameters, regulations and changes brought on by Covid restrictions and mandates to perfection. “While so many things had to be changed, added, and unfortunately, things like visitation had to be restricted, it has been difficult on residents,” he said. “However, in speaking with residents since I returned, they praised Meagan, and have been very understanding of the changes that were essential.” Kahane praised the employees for their outstanding efforts, noting the Care Center is Covid-free and can now permit indoor visitation and outdoor visitation bringing residents and loved ones together again. The COVID-19 vaccine has been offered to all residents and employees and recently, the care center was able to close its “Red Zone,” the wing reserved for COVID patients, another positive sign that the steps taken in the fight against a virus that has affected so many lives are working. The staff and residents remain vigilant in their infection control practices to maintain the safety and well- being of all at the center. Looking to the future, the administrator said he is at first looking towards the next step in the state-mandated Covid regulations and the hopefully soon full return to all the outdoor activities the residents have enjoyed in the past. “Our residents have not been able to have shopping trips, visits to the horse farm and the many other activities the activities department plans, and we are hopeful they can be resumed shortly,” Kahane said. “It will be great to get back to normal,” he added, “although I’m not sure any of us knows what getting back to normal is.” He is also looking forward to working once again with the community and offering all the community connected activities the residents enjoy, including community recreational programs and family dinners.


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