Communication is different than Effective Communication

It was great sitting in on the Highlands communications committee meeting last night and hearing how all these very interested people want to improve communications between town leaders and the residents. I wish them well and hope they succeed because an educated citizenry is a safe citizenry. But through all their hard work, and they are hardworking, there was no mention of newspapers, fliers, or any non-technical resources for all those residents who don’t use computers, don’t know how to access files or information or simply like to hold information in their hands. It might be passe and the wave of the future is slowly obliterating all of that, but for today’s residents, it should still be a consideration. I would also like to see the committee pay closer attention to information they already have up on all those modern means. Trying to do a story on what seems like a great Mayor’s Fitness program for March, it mentions all the crafts and things at the Community Center. But never once does the site mention that none of those things is available simply because the community center is closed during the Covid crisis. Looks good on paper, but it simply isn’t accurate. And shouldn’t accuracy be the first consideration in communications?