Community pharmacies

Dick Stryker is probably one of the most respected pharmacists around, as are the team that work at both the MIddletown Pharmacy in Campbells Junction and the pharmacy he opened at the Foodtown shopping center in Atlantic Highlands so many years ago. His son, Rich, is carrying on the same traditions and excellence at his dad and uncle ahead of him. But it's Dick, the former Mayor, who is writing his frustration at why the pharmacy, which has been so well prepared for so long, can't get the vaccine to administer it their customers and so many others who have jammed the phone lines asking to get on the list. His letter shows both his frustration and his simple solution to the problem.. let the home town pharmacists get the vaccine and the problem is solved!. How to immediately expand sites for the Covid 19 vaccine The Governor continues to expand eligibility with no regard to availability of the vaccine. As we continue in this dangerous path let me suggest an easy solution to this present problem. Community pharmacies. Community Pharmacists have continued to serve their communities in times of blizzards, hurricanes, power outages, and recently covid situations. They have maintained their pharmacies to provide their customers and residents of the area throughout all the restrictions in order to prevent any disruption of their medical treatments for any problem. Community pharmacists have for years been giving flu shots, pneumonia vaccines, shingles vaccines, all shots, pneumonia vaccines, all in the comfortable and familiar settings of their pharmacies. So when information about covid vaccines being available these community pharmacists were up front and purchased the new sub-zero refrigeration. They set up injection sites four and five in a store with necessary screening making it possible, comfortable, and close to home for their customers to become protected. But they have been denied the opportunity to serve their patients and the community where they are located. Instead, their patients and elderly are now being directed to chain pharmacies with no connection to local communities. We in community pharmacies have all the facilities, the people to administer shots, the know how to do it and are fully prepared as we have been for months. Why have all the sites receiving the vaccine been to chain pharmacies only? Richard Stryker


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