Confidential Assistant Confuses the Public

WOW! Not only is Facebook sizzling over the Confidential Assistant to the Mayor and Borough Administrator job in Highlands, but so is my phone. That’s because my blog is posted on Facebook and people are reacting to the questions I raised. And I think it’s great folks are taking an interest and reacting to yet another expense for taxpayers. Since today is the deadline for filing applications,… oh no, wait a minute, it was a year ago that applications should have been submitted, according to the ad. Is that an accident, a typo, or simply another way to confuse the public? At any rate, with all of the fuss, with so few people even knowing the ad was placed, a very wise governing body would not take any action on any applications right now, but rather, post the ad again, only this time with all the right information in it, not a deadline of a year before the ordinance was even introduced. And then, wouldn’t it be nice this same very wise governing body announced at a public meeting where the ad would be placed, when the position would be advertised, perhaps maybe in a local paper or two. In that way, local people who don’t even know about the League site might want to apply. Or has the candidate already been selected?


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