Count 'em Again

ATL. HIGHLANDS - Republican candidate for Atlantic Highlands Council Ellen O’Dwyer has requested a recount of ballots in the recent election because the final tally for one of the two seats on the governing body was so close.

In a brief statement, O’Dwyer, said “This year's election was extraordinarily close, and I commend our residents for their interest and participation in the voting process. With only a six vote margin, combined with the implementation of a new voting system, I've decided to request a recount of ballots cast. This is an option available to any candidate.”

O’Dwyer made her request before Saturday’s deadline for filing such an option after the Monmouth County Board of Elections announced that Democrat Brian Dougherty had won the election after a final count by six votes. The number of voters separating the two had changed at varying times in the counting process, when ballots were counted from those who voted at the polls on Election Day, voted at locations outside the borough in pre-election days, voted provisionally at the polls on Election Day, or voted by mail-in votes.

Many of he methods for voting, as well as the new polling machines were used for the first time in this election, and O’Dwyer indicated that is why she is calling for a recount.

Incumbent Councilman and Council President James Murphy easily won his second term on council, as high vote getter in this year’s election to the four year position.

The Board of Elections will set the time and place for the requested recount.


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