County Takes Years to Pave

Borough Administrator Robert Ferragina laid out the Monmouth County plans for its reconstruction and repairs to Monmouth County roads in the borough, setting dates over the next two years.

At last Thursday’s meeting of the Mayor and Council, Ferragina reported he had met with the Monmouth County engineering firm, together with the borough engineer and the director of the Department of Public works, earlier this month in learning the county plans in more detail.

The administrator said it has been agreed that in the area of the County bridge on Ocean Blvd., plans scheduled for 2023 include the sidewalk and railing being replaced and the bridge to be resurfaced. The administrator further pointed out that the bridge resurfacing will require detours of the area for approximately six months.

The County also plans to repair portions of the wall on Ocean Blvd, also slated for 2023. Those repairs, but not replacement, are scheduled to be completed within the same time period as the bridge repairs.

Between 2023 and 2024, Ferragina continued, Monmouth County plans to resurface all of Ocean Blvd., with repaving to begin after the bridge work has been completed.


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