Covid tests

Love the Visiting Nurses Association (VMA) and love all they do, including coupling with our own First Call company on First Avenue who will be giving Covid tests Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon at the Harbor along with other giveaways. That's all very good. But really, why is VNA coming to the Harbor in the first place? Why aren't they going to an area in need? Does everyone forget how hard Rich Stryker worked, studied, and put money into being able to give Covid shots at Bayshore Pharmacy? Does everyone forget that in spite of all this readiness, because he wasn't a giant conglomerate of a pharmacy, he never got the vaccine until recently? So now he has it, now he's all prepared, now he's giving the vaccine on a regular basis and local folks are so happy to have their friendly pharmacist be involved. Let the VNA go where there isn't a friendly pharmacist who's well prepared. So well prepared, we hear, that J&J is now begging him to take some more of their vaccine before it goes bad. Stop in the pharmacy, see their setup for vaccines, say hello to the friendly staff, and remember they're a local business who really love your support. Go in if only to get cheered up...has anyone ever seen Rich Stryker without a friendly smile and a hearty laugh?


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