DiMaso for Assembly

There will be plenty more photos on Facebook, I’m sure, but for starters, these three magnificent ladies and leaders were cheered, loved, and a

dmired last night at the Serena DiMaso for Assembly event at the Shore Casino. Can’t say enough about the very enthusiastic crowd who were there to ensure Serena she has their backing in the primary election and to reiterate to her that they really appreciate everything she has done in her previous terms in the Assembly, something they are positive she will continue in her next term. Love our former Sheriff, former Lieutenant Governor, who reminded all the ladies present just how formidable they are, in spite of some powers who want to be rid of formidable and intelligent ladies. Seeing the trio together was living proof of how much women have done for the county and state, and that’s not even counting the other strong women in office who were there, including both Atlantic Highlands Mayor Loretta Gluckstein and Highlands Councilwoman Linda Mazzola, a lady who by the way, every meeting shows she can stand up for what she believes is right, regardless of whether other elected officials support her. She’s made it clear, and Councilman Martin joined her this week as well, in reiterating loud and clear they indeed listen to the people and agree they’re there to do what the people want, not necessarily what they want. A very wise attorney in Highlands also made it clear that the Government is there for the people, not the people there to do the will of the government. Former Councilwoman Claudette D’Arrigo was also there representing Highlands, another lady who while she might not be in office at the present time, is so formidable and such a great researcher and driver that Highlands will be putting her back on Council before you know it. But back to the DiMaso event at the Shore Casino. Wonderful to see old friends get together, people who haven’t seen each other from childhood days in New York discover they’re close neighbors and share the same mature and intelligent political beliefs, as well as wonderful friends from outside the district who know and love Serena and everything she stands for. And it was sheer delight to let everyone see not only how generous and perfect the Sweeney family is in running their Shore Casino, but being able to brag that these folks are true friends who can’t do enough to make everyone feel happy, content, and dear God, well fed! As one person put it, “At the Casino, they put out food like you haven’t eaten in six months, there’s so much of it!” And of course, it’s top quality, prepared by elegant and superior chefs, and always served piping hot or delightfully chilled, as it should be. There are many restaurants that are terrific, and we’re blessed and well fed to have them here in the Bayshore, but nothing will ever come up to the perfect blend of excellent food, friendly staff, spectacular setting, and down right friendliness of Bernie, Kathleen, Jay and everyone on the staff. Jay is pretty spectacular, by the way, and great to see him a vital part of the many upcoming celebrations at the Casino.


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