Letter to the Editor

I was disappointed to learn that the Republican candidates for Borough Council haven't yet confirmed participation in the League of Women Voters Debate, scheduled for October 18, 2021. It would have been powerful to see all three female candidates for Atlantic Highlands Borough Council participating, sharing ideas for the town, and serving as role models to all the young girls and women in our community. I know my young daughter will be watching with pride as I talk about my vision for Atlantic Highlands: building a community that’s prepared for the future’s opportunities and challenges. My running mate Brian Dougherty and I have a plan – AH Forward -- that we’re looking forward to talking about at the October 18th debate. Three key ideas we have are 1) reforming our property tax policy to be more fair, 2) preparing our community for the challenges posed by climate change, 3) engaging with our Board of Education to make sure that the interests of Atlantic Highlands residents are fully represented in any decisions about changes to our school district. I believe that the free exchange of ideas is one of the best parts of our democracy. I’d like to hear more about what the Republican and Independent candidates want to offer to residents. And given that the debate will be moderated by the League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan group devoted to encouraging the full civic participation of women, I would especially hope that the female GOP candidate will reconsider and join us on October 18th. Every opportunity we have to share our ideas with the voters of Atlantic Highlands is worth taking. Information on how to submit questions and a link to the debate will follow shortly. I look forward to earning your vote. Sincerely, Lesley D’Almeida Democratic Candidate for Atlantic Highlands Borough Council


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