Dog Bisuits

Did you ever notice the more happy things you count in a day the more there are? And today was particularly happiness-filled, just like most days. To narrow it to three, my daughter, after a long day at her own work, and having a long drive home afterwards, still came to my home to do a couple of hours of favors for me, from climbing on ladders to store things to teaching me new things on the computer. I know how fortunate I am to have such generous children, and I appreciate them every day. Two: I always fill a jug I have with dog biscuits for my four-footed friends who walk at the end of leashes past my home, and the very thoughtful folks at the other end of the leash stop and let them have a treat. My jug was empty for a couple of days (didn't get to the store!) and two of my furry friends, Misty and Jake, left me a personally signed note and a box of nice is that? and Three: my furry friend, Musky and his daddy, told me Musky's plans to save other ferrets like you know ferrets can catch Covid? Musky...see him on Facebook.. My Name is Musky... and see his #This is how I wear fur and get a different perspective on things. You gotta love Musky, His book is perfect for children, but adults can get a lot of wisdom from it as well.


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