DPW, Boxes, Highlands Spending, Marty Hawly & Father Jarlath

Just from my own experience, I know how well the Atlantic Highlands Public Works department keeps that recycling yard, how efficient they are in keeping it clean and neat, and how they are always there to make sure there’s plenty of room in the crusher to take all those boxes and newspapers. But it’s also nice and not at all surprising to see the borough administrator making rounds of all municipal businesses and buildings, just to keep himself certain things are up to his standard. Besides that, he’s downright nice to all the employees, which might be another reason why this borough operates so smoothly, the employees are so polite and courteous, and always eager to accommodate the public. Speaking of boxes in that crusher, it’s getting very obvious more and more people are shopping Amazon and other home delivery places. But I do wonder why everything always comes packaged in boxes way too big for the shipped item, meaning there’s a lot of air-filled bags picking up the slack inside and oversize boxes being used once and tossed into recycling. The price of convenience! Highlands has its council meeting Wednesday night, and the resolution on the agenda allowing the municipal budget resolution to be introduced by title only means folks won’t get to see the $8.145 million budget unless they seek it out themselves. There is $10,000 scheduled to be approved though, to pay the Business Partnership for that sign that was up at Linden Avenue, taken down by borough employees and the story gets fuzzy about what happened after that, but it seems there have been plenty of executive sessions over what to do about it, and the governing body would rather give the Partnership $10,000 than carry on discussions about it any further. Hope it doesn’t take too long to get the new sign back. Summer is almost here. Nice to see Martin Hawley will be add as a special law enforcement officer when necessary, and Father Jarlath Quinn, pastor Our Lady of Perpetual Help-St. Agnes, has been named chaplain for the police department. We can all do with some prayers, that’s for sure, and Father Jarlath is amiable, helpful, and downright nice. Good for the Chief for recommending him.