Ensign, United States Navy

It’s true as many of you have pointed out, and thanks so much for the interest. VenividiScripto has been less than prolific this week, but as the very proud grandma I want to show you why.

My youngest grandson, Angus James Yeoman, graduated from the University of South Carolina this week and more importantly was commissioned as an Ensign in the United States Navy at an incredible ceremony the day before graduation.

Angus is the son of my daughter Tracie and her husband Chris Yeoman and is a graduate of Donovan High School in Toms River. Tracie and Chris themselves are both former active duty sailors, Chris a Chief, Tracie a Commander, now Commander Smith-Yeoman, senior advisor of the Naval Science program at MAST on Sandy Hook. And in addition to Angus, Cdr. Smith-Yeoman had even more reasons to be proud at the graduation and commissioning, but that’s another story you’ll see here soon.

There will be plenty of photos of the ceremony, the wonderful people we met, the old friends we caught up with, and so much more about almost a week in South Carolina where the sun shone, spirits were high, and our days were crammed full of love, activity, and pride.

Notice Angus in his cap and gown and as a proud Gamecock also wearing the streamer showing as a graduating senior, he was active duty.


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