Facebook Live, Going to Pot & A New Borough Clerk

Although I was not able to attend last night's meeting of the Highlands Mayor and Council, I did hear portions of it, thanks to Kim Skorka, a Borough Resident, who cares enough about people knowing what's going that she once again went "Facebook Live, so people who couldn't attend the meeting could see what is going on in local government.

What I was able to hear was Councilwoman Mazzola's statement, which I will include on VeniVidiScripto shortly, before she cast the only vote against cannabis shops in Highlands (an Ordinance the Borough wants to adopt even before the Governor has signed the law citing all the rules and regulations for it).

That means, no matter whether the shops to be approved are good, bad or indifferent for the borough, its residents, and the taxpayers in general, Highlands is stuck with them for FIVE Years. Nobody could explain the rush to beat the Governor's legislation, since approvals for pot shops could still be enacted AFTER the state gives the final laws on it.

The Councilwoman did not say she was opposed to marijuana or what venues for it she would approve in the borough, she was simply asking to get ALL the information before binding the town to something that could be disastrous.

Doesn't anybody wonder why four elected officials want to act before they know what the state is going to mandate? For that matter, doesn't anybody wonder how the Mayor can offer the motion to approve, and vote to approve, changes in the laws for the commercial district? Isn't she a store owner in the commercial district, so don't these votes impact her personally?

With all the money the Borough spends on Attorney fees, I wonder if any of these esteemed counselors could look into conflicts of issue statutes or the rules under the State Ethics Commission.

On the other hand, congratulations to Michelle Hutchinson for finally being name officially, the Highlands Borough Clerk. She's been 'acting' clerk for many, many months now, so it's great to see she finally has the title. Don't know whether the mayor has a confidential aide yet...that's another question the borough hasn't answered for me yet. But I bet one gets named quicker than it took to make Michelle the borough clerk.


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