Facebook & Questions

I don’t follow Facebook too carefully because I tend to think people are very brave with their opinions when they can hide behind something so odious. But seeing some comments about a civil war between Highlands and Atlantic Highlands brings stupid to a new really low level. Both towns are terrific, both towns have great people, perhaps one of the reasons why so many from one town marry so many from the other. And both towns depend on each other to keep the camaraderie and excellence they both own individually. There’s nothing like the Twin Lights, but then, that magnificent harbor with its park benches offers pretty terrific views as well. There are sensational restaurants in both towns, with a lot of them getting that great seafood from the Lobster Pound. Both are the seats of incredible history nd both have the people who know and are so willing to share all that history. But this week, I certainly hope Highlands leaders take a hint from their neighboring government leaders and put out a similar questionnaire. You see, in Atlantic Highlands, they aren’t afraid for the folks to know what’s going on. In fact, they encourage people to k ow what’s going on. Heck, they not only let people talk more than three minutes at a meeting, they even call on them again if they see they have more to say. Yet, as great as a job they do in communications, Atlantic Highlands wants to do even more. They just put out a questionnaire asking for your opinions…yes, they really want your opinions….on how they can do better. They want to know if they aren’t communicating enough for you, what do you suggest? They want to know if you have any particular disability or problem that keeps you from knowing what’s going on. Then, of all things, they want to fix it!!!! If you’re lucky enough to be living in the borough that wants you to know everything that’s going on and wants to hear from you, no matter how long it takes you to say something, answer their questionnaire. It only takes a minute or so. If everything is perfect for you now, tell them that as well. And if you live in Highlands, why not ask at a public meeting if that council would like to do the same?