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Cheers for Monmouth County’s Congressman Chris Smith, who not only had an op ed piece in the Washington Post yesterday, but also braved the frigid temperature to join the thousands gathered at the Supreme Court to once again protest the Roe vs. Wader decision. This year, in light of some recent court actions and activities, the mood was brighter and more hopeful than ever.

Here are a few remarks he made to a most appreciative crowd, people from all over the nation that believe abortion is just another name for murder.

With fresh hope...we are at the tipping point”

Excerpts of remarks by Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ)

March for Life, Washington, DC

January 21, 2022

Special thanks to the March for Life—and Jeanne Mancini—for providing this amazing opportunity to again rally to protect women and babies from the violence of abortion.

We meet this year with fresh hope and heightened expectation that by at least affirming the Mississippi pro-life law—and perhaps going even further—the Supreme Court may soon take a powerful step towards inclusion, justice, and respect for the weakest and most vulnerable.

We are here today to say, equality begins in the womb and that the injustice of abortion need not be forever.

Today, after decades of noble struggle and sacrifice, we are hopeful that government-sanctioned violence against children and the exploitation of women by abortion is nearing an end—although in a very real way, the struggle to defend innocent human life now enters a critically important new phase.

We are at the tipping point, and we must seize the opportunity while facing serious challenges.

Today, President Biden—the Abortion President—has weaponized the entire federal bureaucracy to aggressively promote abortion on demand at home and overseas including a full-court press to force taxpayers to fund abortion on demand.

Last September, the House of Representatives passed the abortion on demand until birth act that not only legalizes late term abortions, but would nullify every modest pro-life restriction ever enacted.

This includes women’s right to know laws in 35 states, parental involvement statutes in 37 states, pain-capable unborn child protection laws in 19 states, waiting periods in 26 states, sex selection abortion bans in 11 states, and so much more.

For decades, right up to this very moment, abortion supporters defend the indefensible with stolid resolve.

Why does dismembering a child with sharp knives, pulverizing a child with powerful suction devices, or chemically poisoning a baby with any number of toxic chemicals, fail to elicit so much as a scintilla of empathy, mercy, or compassion from the so-called pro-choice crowd.

Medical research is now finding that unborn children can feel pain at 15 weeks gestational age—and maybe earlier.

Today, thanks to modern ultrasound, unborn babies are even more visible than ever before.

Children in the womb are treated as society’s youngest patients receiving life-affirming medical interventions and treatments.

In 1973, the Supreme Court abandoned women and babies to what is now the multi-billion-dollar abortion industry that has killed almost 63.5 million unborn children, more than the entire population of Italy.

In 2022, God-willing, the Supreme Court can begin dismantling the culture of death it has imposed on America.


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