Former Mayor and Councilman Peter Donoghue

Former Mayor and Councilman Peter Donoghue died at home yesterday morning, and my prayers and sympathy go out to Louise and all his family and many friends.

My own memories of Pete go far beyond his political activities, his mayoral and council work, and actually go back more than 60 years to when he was writing for the Atlantic Highlands Journal. I was writing for the Highlands Star…same paper, different front page, remember? the time and we became friends through that.

When he went with the Asbury Park Press and I was with The Courier, I was a ‘stringer’ for the Press as well, covering some council meetings in the Bayshore and writing a history column. So we had many conversations about politics, about meetings, and about how we covered them. A great guy, someone who loved his country and his town and did a lot for both.


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