Free Vaccines for Students

ATL- HIGHLANDS - Bayshore Pharmacy Card & Gift Shop of Atlantic Highlands and Middletown Family Pharmacy of Belford are hosting a clinic for students returning to school this fall.

With the arrival of the Pfizer vaccine to both Bayshore Pharmacy and Middletown Family Pharmacy this week, both pharmacy locations will host vaccination clinics for those 12 years old and up. Appointments are available daily on the store websites.

“With August quickly approaching we are working hard to vaccinate our community for a healthy school year”, cites Brian Harris, Pharm.D. of Middletown Family Pharmacy. Both pharmacies welcome patients needing a first dose of vaccine or a second dose of the Pfizer and the Moderna vaccine from other vaccination sites.

Vaccines are available are COVID-19 Pfizer - For ages 12 and up, COVID-19 J&J (One and Done) Vaccine - For ages 18 and up, and COVID-19 Moderna Vaccine - For ages 18 and up.

These vaccines are available without a doctor’s prescription and are available at no cost to the patient.


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