Friends of the Twin Lights

Jeff Tyler, president of the Friends of the Twin Lights Board of Trustees, sponsored team Twin Lights for that sensational and well planned Hunt The Hook that's going on for a couple more days. The historic museum is even mentioned in the first clue in this event sponsored by the Sandy Hook Foundation. It's National Parks Week, bringing attention to how important Sandy Hook and all of Monmouth County for that matter is in the history of this great nation. The Twin Lights friends are certainly keeping busy and active and it's my bet there's going to be a lot in store for visitors to be thrilled about once they're permitted to open to visitors again. In the meantime, check out the great gift shop on the Twin Lights page. From experience I can tell you, the quality of their products is excellent, packaging of mailed goods is sensational, and they're quick in their turnaround from order to delivery! Besides all that, all proceeds help this Highlands treasure.

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