Gas 'em

What a great idea to have the borough of Atlantic Highlands designated a Community Wildlife Habitat, something that’s expected to be pursued by the Open Space committee with the governing body adopting a resolution Thursday night.

It’s a great recognition of all the beautiful gardens, both in the business area, in so many homes throughout the town and in the borough’s parks.

The borough is already a Tree City in recognition of their care and protection of trees, and to be recognized for their conservation methods as well is one more example of what a great community it is.

The resolution refers to its discouragement of the use of toxins and therein lies the irony of Thursday’s actions. The very next resolution expected to be adopted after the one on conservation is the one authorizing the county to continue its aerial mosquito spraying in certain areas of the borough, which, of course, means they’re spraying with toxins to get rid of mosquitos.

I suppose it’s necessary, but just seems strange that the one saying how protective the borough is of the environment is followed by one saying not only don’t we want mosquitoes…they’re an insect, remember, so it’s okay for the county to use their toxic materials to get rid of them.

Timing is everything.


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