Get Them While They're Hot!

Among its treasures and memorabilia, the Highlands Historical Society just came up with a very limited number of cookbooks from 2004 they had compiled into a great 50 page or so cookbook created by members and Highlands residents from the beginning of the 21st century.

They’re $10 each, with all proceeds to the Historical Society of course, so if you want one, and let me know, I’ll be happy to get one to you.

The recipes are terrific, but more importantly and more fun, the folks who donated them make it even better!

To give you an idea, Mae Rugg has a few the book, including one for a Custard Bread Pudding, and another form Lime Pie made with lime zest and lime juices. Art Fruelinghaus has one for a carrot sale, (great for eye health as well!) and another for creamed chick and biscuits made with canned creamed chick soup and frozen biscuits to make it quick and easy.

There’s one from Bernice Reynen you might want to keep for cranberry salad made with jello and cranberries, and some more from Jennifer Mutterer, Judith Patterson, Rose Pinho, Judy Tomasulo, Carol White….are the names bringing back memories?

There are also plenty of tips in the book, from how to keep salt free-flowing to putting an end to ants in the pantry. There’s even a section on how to fold candles a brush-up on cooking terms, and a few empty pages so you can add your own.


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