Get Your Resumes In & Every Vote Counts

So the ad for a “confidential assistant to the Mayor and Borough Administrator” is advertised in the League of Municipalities classified ads, along with similar positions in Hillsdale in Bergen County and Stafford Township, as well as a lot of other ads for various positions across the state. The Highlands ad is there until March 31, but March 26 is the deadline for submitting resumes to the borough administrator, so don’t delay until the last minute. Contrasting it with the other similar but not exactly the same positions, it’s startling to see what it does NOT contain. For instance, the applicant doesn’t even have to have attended school, let alone graduate from high school. In Stafford, applicants must hold a college degree or similar experience. Applicants for the Highlands position don’t have to know anything about money or for that matter have any experience in anything. All you need to apply for the position in Highlands, with resumes going to the borough administrator, but according to the ordinance always be running the risk of being fired by the mayor whenever she feels the need, is to be highly motivated, but it doesn’t say motivated to what. You have to be detail-oriented and have excellence communication skills, all of which are kind of subjective. I mean, how high is ‘highly motivated?’ How do you determine the depth of detail orientation? And everybody’s opinion on excellence is different, so being able to communicate is kind of whatever the mayor thinks is the right way to communicate. The applicant should know how to use Microsoft office and be able to her work done in a timely fashion while taking on whatever else might be going on at the same time….those are time management skills. And of course, the mayor makes the determination, again, according to the ordinance, on how you qualify for all these things, and that’s what determines what the salary will be. All this for one more salary for taxpayers to pay for a mayor who doesn’t receive any pay, took on the job willingly, served on council before that so she knew what the mayor does, but now that she’s there, decided she and the administrator both need one more person to carry the workload, and it’ll be the person she chooses. I wonder if even one person who voted for her four months ago would have voted for Rick O’Neil instead if they knew she was almost immediately going to add another burden on to the taxpayer because she really couldn’t do the job without extra paid help. That vote would have made a difference in who’s sitting in the mayor’s seat.


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