Getting Better

Haven’t seen the date yet for the public hearing on the $10 million for the new borough hall on Route 36 in Highlands, but couldn’t help but notice, and notice it again listening to the last meeting of the Highlands Mayor and Council how much nicer and more professional the meeting was. Praise to the Mayor for conducting a far better meeting; praise to the council-members who not only answered questions but seemed eager to do so. It was refreshing and well deserved of the compliments several listeners paid to the proceedings. Happy for the change, happy it was noticed. Now the next thing would be to give equal time to everyone during the public portion. You simply can’t tell one person you don’t even live here because you don’t like his presentations or don’t want to answer his questions, then recognize to talk another person who doesn’t live in Highlands but wants to thank you for passing a law, even before the Governor’s approval, that will allow cannabis shop or shops….there isn’t anything yet that says how many… town. Would have been nicer to hear compliments from a Highlands resident since it’s Highlands people, not Eatontown people, who will be the ones living closer to the new, first ever, kind of store. And regardless of what others say, check out the clock on the recorded meeting. No, they do not give three minutes to each person who wants it, yes, they do mute some if they don’t like what you’re saying, though I don’t know who makes that decision, and yet others they recognize more than once during a public portion. It’s not fair but given how much better this last council meeting was, I can’t help but think the mayor is being considerate and is being attentive to things that appear unfair and unprofessional. Thanks.


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