Great Grandchildren

What a spectacular day I had Sunday when the youngest of my great grandchildren was baptized and the youngest of my children…her great aunt….was the Godmother!

Trey and Jamie now have two spectacular children, Athan and Brynleigh, and are such perfect ,loving parents it makes a grandmother proud, let alone a Great grand!

The proud grandfather, Bob Palamara, and lots of relatives from both Jamie’s and Trey’s families were on hand for the beautiful celebration and wonderful get together afterwards in Trey and Jamie’s beautiful home and garden yard.

I say garden yard because it’s full of plants and color, but with plenty of accoutrements for the little ones, from swings and slides to their own little house. Great to see all the little ones enjoying themselves and showering the newest little on in the group with love and affection.

To see my daughter Tracie be the godmother for Brynleigh was even more wonderful, knowing she’ll take her position seriously should she ever have to, but is so proud for the honor. Certainly an awful lot of love going around here.

It has been a busy week, since last Sunday was my oldest grandson’s 40th birthday, a milestone indeed! And one that was also great fun for all involved, especially with the Mickey Mouse motif for the celebration at their lovely home.

Then one of my two very favorite sons-in-law Chris celebrated his retirement from federal work after 30 years….starting out as a Sailor with the US Navy of

And next month, that proud grandfather of Brynleigh, Athan, Cadence and James..Jay and Melissa’s son and daughter.. will be celebrating a birthday milestone of his own, but who could believe Bob is 70!

There simply not very many people as fortunate as I! And I’m grateful, believe me!


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