Half of Texas

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Looked like half of Texas wanted to be on hand in Atlantic Highlands Saturday evening for the re-opening of the popular Atlantic Theater on First Avenue, as new owners Tony, ( Tony and Susanne Zertuche. Their children are Lily and JD ) originally from the Dallas area, and his wife, a New Jersey native officially re-opened the multi-theater facility with Mayor Loretta Gluckstein and County Commissioner Lillian G. Burry cutting the ribbon with Tony’s Texas family and friends including his mom who came north for the occasion.

All the staff was also on hand to celebrate. Tony told the crowd gathered for the occasion he and his wife looked long and hard for the perfect place to settle and acquire a theater and decided Atlantic Highlands’ First Avenue location was the very best they could find outside of Texas. And they already love it here, he added, as the new business officially got underway

Former movie theater owner and operator and former mayor, Fred Rast, shares some tips on success with the new owner.

Atlantic Highlands Councilman James Murphy couldn’t resist presenting Tony with a bottle of champagne to celebrate the opening, as Ellen O’Dwyer look s on


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