Highlands Farmers Market

For anyone who reads my blog, https://www.venividiscripto.com/ regularly, you know there are so many things that make me happy every day that I’ve formed a habit of only listing three things each day. I encourage everyone to do the same, because concentrating on the things that make you happy makes you feel a heck of a lot better than thinking about the things that may have spoiled the day, or an hour, or a visit, or something more serious.

So today, the three things that made me happy can be summed up in one statement: I went back to the Farmers Market in Highlands!

It’s easy to be happy at this Saturday market in Huddy Park at Waterwitch Avenue in Highlands.

First, it’s not so crowded that you can’t move around, but it is crowded with people you know, people who want to stop and say hello, people who want to tell you the latest news or gossip or want to comment on something they’ve seen on Veni Vidi Scripto. There’s something about an outdoor market with friendly merchandisers and fresh foods of all kinds that just makes you happy. One friend whom I haven’t seen in a few years was so happy to bump into me right smack in front of the peaches and tomatoes at the farm stand, summed it up with: “remember when you went to Foodtown and couldn’t get out in 15 minutes because you stopped and talked to so many people? That’s what this Farmer’s Market is like.” She was right.

Second, the farm stands with their fresh fruits and vegetables at great prices are surrounded by the smaller stands with more great people, and I had to get a couple of the hot sauces from the Born to Hula guy! Love his layout of Mild to Wild, so I had to choose from both ends….and it’s my guess the Wild one…Smoked Pineapple…. Is going to be unforgettable. Had to get a couple of mustards from him as well, so chose a honey mustard and a Yellow Dill…heck, even the names make them sound delicious.

Then off to the Mozzarella cheese maker who didn’t flinch when I asked for a certain size cheese…”I’ll make it up now for you,” he said, his gloved hands deep in rich curd. It was easy to wait for the warm cheese to be wrapped…his wife’s lemon blueberry pie is a huge hit amid all her pastries, and those anisette cookies from her great grandma’s recipe are spectacular! Passed up the great looking bread with sausage in it and a variety of herbs. That’ll be next week’s treat!

And the peaches at Fresh Pick Farms are wonderful! Enough to keep you happy all day long!


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