Highlands First Aid Squad Loves Pets

That little sticker on the door of the Highlands First Aid squad ambulance, is to let everyone know the ambulance, in addition to being fully equipped for people with emergent problems, is also equipped to provide oxygen to pets with oxygen masks designed specifically for them. Particularly significant in the case of house fires, where families are overwhelmed by such much loss, and the savior of their pet might bring the added solace they need at a frightening time.

Also, consider donating to the Squad they are starting a special fundraiser!!!! They have gotten a very generous donation, a dollar for every year they’ve been in service to Highlands.

Can you match the donation in increments of $90??? Any form of 90. Whether it be 90 cents, $9, $90, $900, and so on... I dare you to outdo the previous person.. I DARE YA !!!!!!

Go to HighlandsFirstAidSquad to donate!


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