Highlands Heroine

It was an alert, very intelligent and quick thinking little girl who received an award from the Highlands Lions Club at Sunday’s 90th anniversary celebration of the Highlands First Aid Squad.

Kaylee Terwilliger, seven year old daughter of Jay, the president of the first aid squad, was at home alone with her dad last year when he suddenly started showing signs of serious physical trouble. Jay, a diabetic, apparently was having an attack due to low blood sugar and was losing consciousness. The alert youngster, aware something was wrong and unable to render assistance to her dad, went in search of his phone where she knew her mom’s name and number were easily accessed. She put a quick call into her mom, her mom recognized what was going on, alerted the local squad, and help was on the way before Kaylee’s mom was able to get home from his own position at Monmouth Medical Center.

Squad members at the time praised Kaylee for her quick actions and for being able to keep her cool and confidence in the face of immediate danger and fear.

It was that bravery and quick thinking that was rewarded at Sunday’s activities by the local Lions Cub in presenting a life saving award to the young aide giver.

Kaylee’s father, Jay, also received an award from the Lions Club for his years of service and hours of daily service to the First Aid Squad and the community.

Please consider Donating to the Highlands First Aid Squad. They are a dedicated group of men and women, dedicated to helping others

All Photos by Chris Francy


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