Highlands is Happening

Haven’t had much Highlands news to report, simply because the Mayor and Council doesn’t care enough about people with handicaps, folks who need to stay at home with family or simply have no transportation to get to the Highlands Council meetings to offer the meetings virtually ... or maybe it is just their way of censuring reporting that they don't like

It is just so difficult to see how and why the borough could immediately jump in with ZOOM and virtual meetings when the Governor ordered it, but now that that mandate has been lifted, at least temporarily, they can’t offer the same convenience to the taxpayers and others interested in what’s going on in this great town.

Looking at the Highlands webpage gives some insight into activities, even though official place for borough information, isn’t so user friendly. Even with what they have posted, though, it really looks like a lot of good things are happening in Highlands.

Love the idea of the pre-teens…the 6,th,7th, and 8th graders getting a lesson in how to make Irish Soda Bread tomorrow evening. That’s from 6:30 to 8:30 March 11 in the Community Center. Hopefully, it isn’t too late for pre-teens who want to sign up because registration is a must. Go to the borough site at www.HighlandsBorough.org to learn more.

The Mayor’s Wellness campaign always sounds busy and active, and there are several items on the borough’s website that should be of interest to a lot of folks.

Then there’s another event that sounds great, on Friday, March 18 at 6:30, but couldn’t read the flyer clearly enough to get all the facts. Apparently there’s going to be a Grab ’N Go Corned Beef Dinner being offered at the Highlands Skate Park on the corner of Bay Avenue and Shore Drive…don’t know exactly where these two parallel roads intersect but it’s where the skate park is. The information on the website says even delivery is available for those in need, and an RSVP is requested, and the dinners will be offered so long as the supply lasts. To learn more about that one, write JKane@HighlandsBorough.org.

What I didn’t see on the webpage at all is the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade, a huge event, a wonderful afternoon and something so many look forward to every year. Hopefully, I’m correct in thinking it is taking place on Saturday, March 18 at 2 p.m. along Bay Avenue starting at Huddy Park and going to Bahrs Restaurant. Heard there are going to be some fascinating exhibits in the line of march in addition to some pretty spectacular music and lots of dignitaries. Also saw that new Monopoly piece golden trike Mike Mullens will be riding in the parade. The sharp looking conveyance does look like one of the playing pieces in the Monopoly game, but I’m sure Mike and just about everybody else will tell you that Highlands is a lot better than the Atlantic City the original Monopoly board portrays. Look for Mike in the parade….and look for a surprise or two as he moves along!

And while on the subject of Mike and Highlands, can’t wait until next month when The Girls Café will once again have all its outdoor dining ready and available and Mike will continue to beautify that cozy and friendly little corner of Washington and Bay avenues wit h his creativity and great flowers and plants. Will be great to see all those tables filled with happy people. Stop in the Café, grab a cup of coffee, and check out their new and very beautiful new menus.


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