Highlands Park Fest

For those who might not know Cranston Dean and how fortunate Highlands was to have him donate so much time and talent for the causes Highlands thought were important, he's from New Jersey but they said he has an ancient New England soul and his music draws from his American background to everything..some jazz. some country, blues, and pop. He donated his time and talent in Highlands, thanks to some fine friends who sought him out but he's been featured at all the big clubs along the Jersey shore, from The Saint and the Wonder Bar, to yes, the Chubby Pickle right here in town. He's been seen with the River City Extension, Atlas Road Crew,and more, has toured the Atlantic Coast to Nashville, is hailed in Maine and all over New England, as well as the West Coat and lots of states in between. One of his albums was judged one of New Jersey's best, and you'd never know from talking to him that he's got such much more he doesn't even brag about.....being a jazz pianist, studied at the University of the Arts, is a two time Music Award Winner in Asbury as well as top multi-instrumentalist there. Congratulations, Highlands, you knew from the beginning how talented he is...hopefully you can keep getting him back. And keep that Park Fest going to help others.