HISTORIC HIGHLANDS: A Sentimental Journey


ohn Schneider sent me a copy of his newest book, ‘John Schneider’s Historic Highlands, A Sentimental Journey” and the book is absolutely well named! It is the author’s summer vacation town, it is historic and it is sentimental. It’s also chock full of photos of many different scenes in Highlands from a couple of centuries, including comparisons between some of the old sites and what is there now. There are two reasons John’s latest writings were so particularly significant to me. One is the huge difference in concentration of what makes the town so special…..we all share that belief.. between those, like John and the two authors quoted in the front of the book who also were long time summer visitors to Highlands, and me and others like me who lived there for decades and brought our kids up there, not only for the joys and fun of summer visitors but all the quiet, beauty, and togetherness of the entire year. This book highlights in many ways the spectacular restaurants, the great variety of entertainment, the numerous hotels, the dancers ,summer fun, and of course the merry-go-round, while those of us who lived there year round also recall the great school and church activities, the neighborhoods. The second reason why the book is so important now is it should be mandatory reading for council members who say the town is growing in leaps in bounds! When they read about and see photos of the Hotel Martin, the Highlander, the Marshall House, DeHaven Cottage, Conners, the Atlantic Pavilion, just to name some of the great hotels and inns that were all within a short walk of the ferry, train or bus that came to town, or the boat works, the two gas stations, the meat market, diner, A&P and other shops that set the town apart, they’d realize what growing by leaps and bounds means! At any rate, kudos to John on another book, sharing more history, and being so proud of such a great town. You can contact John at johnrschneider@optimum.net for price and where to buy the book, and I’ll bet he would even autograph it for you. It is truly a sentimental journey.

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