Holy Communion at Care One

MIDDLETOWN – For the first time since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic last year, ministers from Our Lady of Perpetual Help St. Agnes Parish were once again able to bring Holy Communion to Catholic residents at the Care One Care Center on Route 36.

“We are pleased and happy to be able to continue the many ministries and activities we offer the residents at Care One,” said Administrator Andrew Kahane. “We are so appreciative of the patience and understanding of all our volunteers. We know each of them both understands and appreciates the care and practices we have in place to ensure our residents remain safe and healthy.” The administrator said with all personnel protective equipment and infection control practices in place, it is now safe for ministers to bring communion to those residents who request it. He noted all the ministers feel they should be vaccinated, and they are, before coming into the building and all personnel protective equipment is in place.

“It was a very emotional morning being able to give communion to my friends at Care One.,” said one minister who has been bringing communion to King James for several years. “You cannot describe the looks of happiness and peace that I saw as I gave them the host. It was a moving experience for me and I could see it brought great comfort to each of them.”

Activities Director Karen Cohen, who accompanies the volunteer as she visits residents, said it was obvious the residents are pleased and happy to have weekly communion once again. “You could just see the joy on their faces,” she smiled.


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