HPD Always There

HIGHLANDS - “I can assure you, we’re out there,” Police Chief Robert Burton told the mayor and Council during the public portion of last week’s meeting of the Mayor and Council. Though he was not called on for a report during the business portion of the meeting, Burton, attending virtually, responded to Mayor Carolyn Bouillon’s questions about an e-mail apparently sent to the governing body with concerns about speeding in the borough. Burton said the police department is always ready to step up activity in any area of the borough if requested, and is always on routine patrol 24-7. He encouraged residents to contact the police department if they have specific concerns . The chief said various areas are continuously under study for change, and currently Prospect and Portland roads as well as Grand Tour, all roads leading to Henry Hudson Regional School and the Monmouth County Hartshorne Woods Park are under discussion and he is anticipating reports from the borough engineer on what may be needed in those areas. Burton also assured the public that Covid, nor any other reason has made any change in police traffic action and noted “our traffic stops have not declined.”

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