I Know How to Grieve

To the many friends and strangers, who have asked me how to cope with the death of a spouse, I now have the book I wrote after the death of my husband 15 years ago for sale on my Sale page.

I haven’t sold it in the past, preferring to give it to folks who felt it would help them. Since I’ve found it indeed has helped many people, several Hospice organizations have gotten them for grieving widows and widowers, so I thought I would sell the few I have left at the cost of printing postage and handling.

It’s only 20 some odd pages, but it’s how I learned that sharing my grief with everyone else was not the answer, learning to laugh, think happy thoughts and move on is. I’ve given the book often, but I generally suggest not reading it for a couple of weeks after a death, since sharing my grief is not something someone wants to hear about shortly after the death of someone they love.


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