I Wonder about Pot

Hard to understand why Atlantic Highlands is so eager to resolve all the questions about cannabis but was so reluctant to work more quickly so disabled people, those with children they need to care for, the elderly and people who just don’t like to go out at night can know what’s going on their town.

When they’re talking about all the tax money they’ll get from having some cannabis business in town, they’re overlooking it’s currently a cash business. How exactly are they going to get all this money and how are they really going to know if it’s the right amount? Anyone read what just happened in Kansas? I hope that money wasn’t enroute to some deserving town.

Now it also looks like there are a few other glitches in the New Jersey law. Again, what’s the rush? People are always going to want it, I suspect, even if there are shops in Highlands and other towns. From hearing some folks talk during the workshop, there are an awful lot of alcoholic beverages places in town, so they must all be successful, so again, why not wait until the state gets all the rules in place, some other towns see how it’s working for a while, and gain from their experience to make an even better business? To repeat a statement from last night concerning all the folks comparing liquor stores with cannabis businesses….it’s the state that is mandating security in cannabis shops during opening hours, that is requiring that closed door, locks, and all that stuff, none of which is required in liquor stores. So somebody, someplace along the line must think there’s a heck of a difference between the two. Why not wait and see, or get more information? It would have been nice, with all those facts being announced, if there were some law enforcement professionals on the team that presented cannabis information last night. Are the police being too silent on this issue?

Any issue that brings out four former mayors must be something they all think will have a vital impact on the town.

It was wonderful to hear so many people speak out, to hear such fervor about any subject, and to see the very courteous and correct response from an interested council. The workshop was terrific, and the entire town benefited from the wisdom of the governing body in having it. Nice to hear all the thanks and appreciation to the council members as well because it’s one sign that the people truly do want to know and want to participate.

On the other hand, it is also hard to understand why they want to do yet more studies on the question of regionalization for the schools before taking any action or letting the people have any say on what could be a tremendous tax savings for property owners and offer a more comprehensive and cohesive form of education for youngsters from pre-k through high school. By their failing to approve some kind of action now fairly soon, they are also preventing both Highlands and Sea Bright from getting the question on the ballot, the easiest way of ensuring all the people who want to be heard are heard. Not very neighborly and certainly giving the appearance of not really caring what the people want.


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