I would rather die on my feet than fight on my knees

Monmouth County Commissioner Lillian G. Burry, the liaison from the County Commissioners to the Library Commission, presented a letter to former Library Commission Chair Nancy Grbelja at yesterday’s meeting of the Library Commission in appreciation of her 15 years as a Commissioner.

Grbelja, who served as Chairman last year, was not reappointed to the Commission by the Monmouth County Board of Commissioners at their January reorganization. Referring to not being reappointed to a position she has held for close to two decades, Grbelja thanked Commissioner Burry for her appreciation and best wishes, and quoting an inspirational message dating back to Euripides, said, “I would rather die on my feet than fight on my knees.”

The letter from Commissioner Burry, and her appreciation of the former library commissioner was met with applause and appreciation at the meeting.

The letter reads:

“As a member of the Monmouth County Library Commission for more than 15 years, Nancy served as co-treasurer, treasurer, vice chairperson, and chairperson, sharing her time and talents working on many committees including the Commission’s educational, cultural and recreational programs.

As Chairperson, Nancy sought and found alternative ways to meet the educational and recreational trials that the Library faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, and in seeking alternative pursuits to benefit the residents of Monmouth County Nancy met each new challenge with intelligent measured decisions.

The Monmouth County Library Commission has been fortunate to have had Nancy Grbelja as a member and will miss the energy, expertise, dedication, research and creative thinking that she brought to the Monmouth County Library Commission.”

This letter of appreciation is presented by Monmouth County Commissioner Lillian G. Burry, liaison to the Monmouth County Library Commission.


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